Unemployed Mourinho Hunts Managerial Return, But On His Terms

"I've had enough, I've really had enough," said Mourinho on Thursday, after being asked if he was enjoying his protracted break after many years on the hot-seat.

Former Manchester coach Jose Mourinho who’s currently jobless has had enough of being idol on holiday, he told Spanish television on Thursday. Mourinho said he has ruled out picking up an international job or joining any club mid-season.

Jose Mourinho was loudly fired by Manchester United in December 2018 after a two-year spell of relative success was damned by the results of arch local rivals and fast rising football force Man City.

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Mourinho hit stardom as the upstart boss of 2004 Champions League winners Porto, then rose to a superstar with his incredible performance, success and personality at Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and finally Man United.

Mourinho adopted the nickname ”the Special One” while moving to Chelsea, after saying that the Blues was looking for a top manager and that he was the special one to rescue them.

“I’ve had enough, I’ve really had enough,” said Mourinho on Thursday, after being asked if he was enjoying his protracted break after many years on the hot-seat.

“I spent this summer like any other fan for the first time, now I understand how that feels,” he said.

With the European Championships fast approaching, the Portuguese was asked if he would take on a national team.

“Maybe in ten years time,” said the 56-year-old Portuguese.

“It’s something I’d like to do, take a team to a European Championships or a World Cup, I can get into that,” he said.

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“But two years of little games (qualifiers) wouldn’t suit me… I like overseeing daily training and playing two or three games a week,” said Mourinho.

He ruled out joining a club before the start of the next campaign completely.

“I don’t want to take over a club in January, I’d like to find a club that wants me to start for next season.”

Jose Mourinho is currently doing a little TV punditry just to keep busy.

SportRazzi ask: shouldn’t Mourinho stay open and ready to embrace any reasonable deal that can pull him out of his boredom — why the boundaries??

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