City Pep Guardiola Finds Solution That May Defeat Liverpool

Liverpool and Manchester City battle is drawing near leaving mainly Man City fans worried with the possibility of defeating the Champions League defenders who have proven unbeatable.

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Liverpool is unbeatable after 11 Premier League matches and are six points away from Man City at the top of the Premier League table. Moreover, even though their results have been very impressive, their progress this season hasn’t been as smooth as it ought to have been.

Meanwhile, there is a leak to dismantling The Reds, after discovering the problem Liverpool have had when coming against clubs with a 3-5-2 structure. That happened with Sheffield United, Manchester United and even Genk on Tuesday in the Champions League, just recent happenings.

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We’re pretty much sure that City’s manager Pep Guardiola has also noticed same structure and would actively counter structure his side and not use the usual 4-3-3 to prevent Jurgen Klopp side from releasing their venom at Anfield.

With that the most trending question this weekend: ‘How do you beat this Liverpool team?’ will get an answer.

Sources: Twitter, BBC Sport


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