KSI Vs Logan Paul 2 Brawl: The Fireworks Before The Show

Fireworks flew yesterday shortly after the KSI vs Logan Paul 2 weigh in as the trainers decided to get in on the action by having a little brawl of their own. Scuffles are not rare to pre-match weigh ins but its usually the fighters doing the deed and not their trainers.

Logan Paul’s trainer Shannon Briggs who is also a former heavyweight world champion decided that this was a good time to show team KSI a little preview of what their boxer was to expect from the former heavyweights protégé.

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Shannon went head to head with 3 of KSI’s entourage, including Viddal Riley ,after a heated exchange of words just after the weigh in. Shannon decided that enough was enough and took a shot at team KSI. Not even Badou Jack’s manager was spared his wrath as he was shoved out of the former champions face. Viddal  then had to be dragged away by security.

As if that was not enough, he then took a swing at a another member of team KSI, punching him right in the head. The brawl had to be stopped by security using a security barrier to keep both side apart. Like what happened to keeping the fight in the ring.  I think the perfect pre-match spectical for tonights fight should actually be Shannon vs Viddal.

Paul weighed in at 199lbs and was more toned then his opponent KSI ( real name; Olajide Olayinka Williams), who weighed in at 193lbs.

Paul came out saying :

“I am sick of the smack talk, it is time to let my fists do it”

Given Shannon’s behavior after the weigh in, its safe to say that we know who planted those ‘words of wisdom’ in his head.

So tonight at what is scheduled to be the highest selling and most viewed pay-per-view in boxing history, we will see who’s fists really do the talking.


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