Carolina Panthers Sent Packing As Green Bay Maintain Top Position

In what was an exhilarating display of NFL football, The Green Bay Packers were able to maintain their position at the top of the NFC North division with a 24-16 win over visitors Carolina Panthers.

Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen put on a remarkable display as he edged his team towards an amazing comeback but unfortunately they were held at bay (excuse the pun) by the Packers during the crucial final second of the game. Christian McCaffrey, who’s performance was only complimented by Allen’s astute passing, made some terrific runs helping the  Panthers on their comeback.

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The Packers played a grounded game, running the ball through the Carolina shoddy defense with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams picking up 156 yards combined.

Play of the game has to go to the amazing 37 yard pass from Rodgers to Adams that led to Green Bays second Touch Down of the game. This put them back in the game after initially trailing by 3 points.Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are definitely to be mentioned as play a large part towards the Packer victory over the Panthers.

The Packers had a rocky start to the game giving away a 38 yard pass which eventually led to a touch town against them. Devante Adams also featuring with a beautiful catch from Adams. Jones then scored his second touch down of the game with a charge right through the Panthers defensive line to put the Packers in front 10 – 14. Carolina did  however put on a spectacular display of defense as they were able to stop Carolina from breaking through their line and scoring from 1st & down in the remaining 2 seconds of the second quarter.

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Jones making an impressive sun with 11 minutes on the clock inside of the 3rd quarter scoring a touch down for the Packers, pushing their lead even further ahead of the Panthers. The Panthers looked like they were about to bounce back just as a crucial pass into the end zone to Jarius Wright was deflected by Green Bays Adrian Amos right into the waiting arms of his team mate Tramon Williams.

The Panthers began the fourth quarter on the offence  chasing the Packers 10-24 lead. Then with 12 minutes on the clock, the Panthers  2nd & 1 in the fourth and final quarter, Christian McCaffrey bulldozes his way through the Packers defensive line to score a touch down on what seemed to be Carolina’s road to an amazing comeback.

However the Packers were able to hold off the Panthers offensive comeback plays throughout the rest of the quarter enabling them to finish with a 16-24 victory over Carolina. This securing their spot on top of the NFC North division.


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