Youtube Boxing Champion Crowned After Judges Split Decision

The much anticipated boxing match between the Youtube sensations,  KSI vs Logan Paul 2 ended with KSI being crowned the champion after winning after a split decision from the judges.

The first three rounds saw Logan Paul on the defensive foot as KSI came out all guns blazing. Logan showed more professional form then his opponent who seemed to bully his way through the match throwing Logan off balance.

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Logan seemed to find his form in the last 3 rounds as KSI seemed to be losing his momentum. Landing a well placed upper cut in Round 4, Logan was able to send KSI to the canvas, however he continued to hit his opponent while he was down, landing one punch to the back of KSI’s head. Referee Jack Reiss was forced to take off 2 points from Yankee for this technical foul which would later cost him the match.

KSI recovered from the uppercut but remained visibly shaken and uneasy as they finished the end of the round.

Paul with a height advantage at 6-foot-2 was showed good form by landing a number of jabs, but was never able to the power shot that would see him emerge victorious.

KSI seemed to have also been robbed of some crucial points for a knock down in Round 3 as Paul’s drop to the canvas was ruled as a ‘slip’  by the referee.

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The match ended after 6 rounds with the judges coming to a split decision resulting in KSI winning the match.

In a post match interview, Paul admitted his mistake but showed his displeasure with the penalty stating :

“I let emotions get the best of me but I will say, no warning and I get two points taken away from me?”

“That’s why I lost tonight. Do the math. I would like to contest the commission because I did not receive a warning. I don’t think that was fair at all.”

The stats of the match are as follows:


KSI                                                   LOGAN PAUL

264            PUNCHES THROWN                220

56 (8)        PUNCHES LANDED (BODY)      61 (9)

21%          PERCENT LANDED                 28%




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