Raheem Sterling: Before Every Battle A Sacrifice Must Be Made

As the battle for the Euro 2020 continues, England have offered up their first sacrifice to the football gods in the form of Raheem Sterling. The club rivalry that we witnessed between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez during their club match at Anfield on Sunday has now led to its first sacrifice as Sterling finds himself dropped from the Three Lions Euro 2020  Qualifiers against Montenegro.

Though no details have been released to the nature of the “disturbance in a private team area” , Sterling does admit that he had a “five to 10 second thing” with teammate Joe Gomez.

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As a result of this and  the instability the two were bringing to the England squad , England manager Gareth Southgate has decided to drop Sterling from his team’s qualifying match against Montenegro on Thursday.

“We have taken the decision to not consider Raheem for the match against Montenegro on Thursday. My feeling is that the right thing for the team is the action we have taken.”

This sacrifice has apparently been made in the teams best interest although Sterling has come out stating that him and Gomez have resolved their issues and would like to just focus on the games ahead…. a focus that Sterling will be taking from the side lines for now.

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“This is why we play this sport because of our love for it – me and Joe Gomez are good, we both understand it was a five to 10 second thing… it’s done, we move forward and not make this bigger than it is.” -Raheem Sterling

It is totally understandable that the drama that comes with Premiership rivalry does not end when the final whistle blows, but when national duty calls players must learn to set aside their differences for the greater good. All players across the world find themselves going head to head with fellow nationals, however patriotism should supersede such matters as players unit for a greater cause….as National representatives for their respective countries. That is professionalism…that is patriotism.

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Please feel free to let us know what you think in the ‘comments’ section below and tell us if you think that Southgate was right in his decision to drop Sterling or if he may have been a bit harsh in terms of his punishment.


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