Munich Hosts 2022 European Athletics Championships

In what will mark the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summer Olympics, Munich will now host the 2022 European Athletics Championships at the Munich Olympic Park. Following the success of Berlin 2018 which was co-hosted by Berlin and Glasgow and a saw a record breaking attendance level of over 1 million spectators and a television audience of over 1.4 billion, the organizers have decided to reincorporate the multi-sport format of last year’s games that contributed to the events record breaking success.

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The event is scheduled to take place between 11 and 21 August 2022. France is already set to host the interim 2020 European Athletics Championships at the Charlety Stadium in Paris between the 26th and 30th of August.  This will come just 3 weeks off the back of Tokyo 2020.

The six sports being represented under the multi-sport format are Athletics, Cycling, Gymnastics, Triathlon, Rowing and Golf with the possibility of more being added as the Championship approaches.

Ireland were the major winners of the first multi-sport format held last year in Berlin and Glasgow, walking away with 4 medals ( 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze).

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Very little has been said as to whether the event will also host any tributes to the 1972 Berlin Summer Olympic tragedy that saw 11 Israeli team mates and one West German police officer killed by terrorist group Black September.

No matter which direction the committee takes, we are sure these games could end up being a greater success then last year’s and from the excitement coming from the athletes and organizers, it seems they believe this too.

“I speak for all the participating sports in saying how delighted we are to be going to the wonderful city of Munich in 2022,” – Svein Arne Hansen (European Championships 2022 Board Chair and European Athletics President)


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