Congrats Pour As Finland Make History Finally Playing In The Big League

Finland have made history by securing themselves a spot in the big league as they will now feature in Euro 2020. This will be Finland’s first appearance in a major tournament….EVER!!

Finland who finished 2nd in the Group J Euro 2020 qualifying table just under Italy. In what has been their best Euro qualifying performance thus far,  Finland has managed to win 6 of their 9 matches ending the the group stage with 18 points.

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In a stunning victory against Liechtenstein which saw the Eagle-owls winning 3-0 and thrusting themselves into Finnish History in a match that saw hundreds of Finnish supporters flooding the pitch as the final whistle blew on this historic occasion.

Finlands captain Teemu Pukki, who was at the helm of this Euro 2020 qualifying campaign managed to score an astounding 9 goals in Finland’s 9 Euro matches.

Jasse Tuominen’s set the ball in motion for the Eagle-owls scoring the first goal of the match followed by skipper Pukki who put away the next 2 goals bringing the finnish side the 3-0 victory they rightfully deserved. Finland, who have failed a dismal 32 times trying to qualify for either the World Cup or the European Championship, stunned even their own supporters with this victory.

This national achievement was happily welcomed by Finland’s Prime Minister Antti Rinne who tweeted:

“An incredible performance, Congratulations and thank you! Oh Finland is, oh Finland is, oh Finland is finally in the men’s soccer championship!”

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The resulting celebrations were echoed as far as Pukki’s Premier League club home-base, Norwich City. The resulting success and celebrations of Finlands historic achievement set off  #PukkiParty which is currently trending on social media.

No matter the outcome of the Euro 2020 Championships, Finland have alreaady come out as winners and for that we salute and congratulate you all on this monumental achievement. We hope to see you feature more tournaments in the future.



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