Lewis Hamilton’s Crash Sees Him Dropped From Brazilian GP Podium

Sunday’s Brazilian GP saw Lewis Hamilton drop from his third place podium spot, to seventh position as he received a five-second penalty for causing a crash that saw Red Bull’s Alexander Albon spinning and unable to finish the race.

After the Mercedes team pulled him in for a new set of tyres, Hamilton left the pit trying to regain the 2 places he had lost during the change that had now left him sitting at fourth position from second. Hamilton quickly overtook Pierre Gasly to move up to third.

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The crash the happened as he tried to take Albon from the inside of Turn 10. He was unable to successfully complete the pass and instead ended up clipping Albon who was positioned at second place. The touch sent the Red Bull spinning right off the track and ultimately out of the race.

As a result of the crash, Hamilton was overtaken again by Gasly leaving him to finish the race positioned to take the 3rd spot on the podium.  However a post -race review by race stewards saw Hamilton being issued a five-second penalty for causing the collision. This saw him drop to seventh place and also earn 2 penalty points.

The Stewards come out issuing a statement that said:

“Car 23 [Albon] was on his normal race line. Car 44 [Hamilton] attempted to pass on the inside, but was unable to get far enough inside to accomplish the overtake and by the time he realised there would not be sufficient room he was unable to back out of the situation and the collision followed.”

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Hamilton took full responsibility for the crash also apologizing to Albon:

“I massively apologise to Albon,”

“Completely my fault.”

The crash allowed for Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to take pole position, followed by Pierre Gasly and McLaren’s  Carlos Sainz.

“Naturally I take it on me, I was coming from behind, but he was doing a great job so apologies to him” Hamilton added in a post race interview.



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