Chivas Goalkeeper Scores From Inside His Own Box

In one of those rare classical football moments, Chivas Guadalajara goalkeeper Antonio Rodriguez scores a goal from inside his own box during his teams match against Veracruz in Mexico’s Liga MX on Sunday.

His team were already in the lead with a 2-1 advantage over visiting Veracruz when the goalkeeper took possession of the ball after a failed corner attempt from Veracruz. As the keeper went to clear the ball he decided to try his luck and kick towards Veracruz’s empty goals.

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The ball soared over the length of the field only bouncing just before the Veracruz penalty box as their defense line was still running back from the recent set play on the opposite end of the pitch. With no goalkeeper or defenders in its path to stop it, the ball just bounced its way into the Veracruz’s empty and very welcoming net.

This was the goalkeepers first goal and his shock in what had just transpired was clear for everyone to see as he had no idea of what to do after scoring the goal.

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In a post match interview the Guadalajara goalkeeper went on to add:

“I never imagined scoring a goal, not even in training,”



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