Villain Or Victim:Luis Enrique Takes Credit For “Disloyal” Moreno’s Sacking

In what is turning out to be a plot straight out of Hollywood where the audience is left wondering who is the villain and who is the victim, Spain’s Luis Enrique took full credit for the sacking of his predecessor and former assistant Robert Moreno as the Spanish national teams manager.

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Luis who had stepped down from his role as Spanish boss due to ‘personal reasons’,  left Moreno as his replacement. Moreno made great strides with the team leading on an undefeated campaign right through the qualifying stages of the Euro 2020.

Would he be wrong for wanting to see the team right through the final stages of the Euro tournament, the team that he successfully managed up until this point. Well according to Luis such thoughts are considered to be “disloyal”.

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Enrique came out guns blazing during his press conference today just short of accusing Moreno of full out mutiny during his absence.

Enrique went on to say:

“He was clear that he wanted to coach at the Euros and then I could come back and he would work as my assistant.”

“I try to put myself in his position, I understand it; I understand that he worked hard to be there, to have that opportunity, and that he is ambitious, but for me it was disloyal, and I would never do that.”

It seems that someone may have been a bit more worried with his replacements success and the fear and insecurity of being upstaged and maybe even replaced on a permanent basis is what gave way to the decision.

Speaking about what transpired on 12 September 2019 when Moreno visited Enrique at  is residence to discuss the matter, Enrique went on to tell the press:

“I told him that day that I didn’t ever see him as a No 2 on my staff. I told him I felt like going back to work, but not yet when. The only person responsible for the fact that Robert Moreno is not here, it’s me. It’s not the [Spanish football federation] president [Luis] Rubiales or [its sporting director José] Molina, nor the federation.”

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Those sound like the words of a very bitter man who feared that he might fade into the background while his replacement shone under the spotlight of his recent successes.

Either way, you decide who is villain and who is foe in this on going drama. We will be eagerly awaiting for a response or comment from Moreno as the saga continues.


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