Who’s Head Will Role Next After Emery Sacking…Silva, Pellegrini Or Ole??

The football community has all eyes on the Premiership wondering who ‘s head will roll next after the Emery sacking. Silva, Pellegrini and Ole are all club managers that may soon follow Emery as their clubs poor performances this season have left their futures very uncertain.

Everton boss Marco Silva knows he is skating on thin ice after his teams embarrassing 2-0 defeat to Norwich City last Saturday. The club who are currently ranked at 16 on the Premiership table, are only 4 points away from relegation.

Silva left the game amid a flurry of boos emanating from the quite rightfully disappointed  Everton supporters,who have watched their club self destruct under the leadership of the Portuguese manager.

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Silva has already met up with major shareholder Farhaf Moshiri and Marcel Brands and we can only speculate that his  future at the club was one of the major points of  focused given the outcome of the Norwich game.
There is already talk that David Moyes and Mark Hughes may come in as interim managers if things do not drastically improve.

West ham’s Manuel Pellegrini is the next Premiership manager who’s head may also be on the chopping block as his team finds themselves just 3 points above relegation ranked at 17 on the table.

The man seems incredibly confident for someone that was expected to break the team back into the top 6 in order to see them competing in Europe again but instead seem to be fighting just to maintain their spot in the Premier League at the end of the season.

The man has wisely chosen his words well brushing aside what people “expected”  and focusing on what he actually promise when he joined the club as he went on to say that:

“I never said West Ham was going to be in any position of the table. I told you I came here to try to grow a step with this club, to try and fight for a spot in Europe”…trying and failing dismally at it based West Ham supporters reactions to his leadership.

Then finally we come to Manchester United’s Ole Gunnar who alongside Emery has a hashtag bounty on his head trending across social media platforms #OleOut.

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Manchester United’s poor performance this season has them lingering one position under rivals Arsenal as they are ranked at 9 on the Premiership log. Ole managed to extend his lifeline with club by fielding a youth squad for the clubs Europa game against Astana yesterday which they ended up  losing.

By not allowing his usual experienced first XI to play, Ole  managed to find the perfect scapegoats for his loss to Astana knowing perfectly well that should they win he would be accredited for it and should they lose, he could easily blame their inexperience in major competitions as the reason.

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Nevertheless, Manchester fans seem not to have been fooled  by this ploy and join their fellow supporters from Arsenal, West Ham and Everton who are calling for the removal of their managers and blaming them for the poor performance of their respective teams.


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