Mario Balotelli Too “Black” To Play In Italy (Editors Pick)

“What can I say? That he’s black and he’s working to whiten himself but he has great difficulties in this.”- Massimo Cellino on Mario Balotelli

As if trying to play in Italy wasn’t hard enough, this was the response given by Brescia’s club president Massimo Cellino when asked why Mario Balotelli was dropped from the team last month.

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Seriously …like seriously!!!! When your boss has that much to say about you, its no wonder that he has been the victim of so much racial abuse from club supporters during his stay at the club.

We can’t wait to see how FIFA chiefs are going to brush this one under the rug.

Its no wonder that Balotelli, who just this year won the UNFP Player of the Month in March while still signed to French club Marseille, has only been able to score 2 goals out of his 8 appearances with Brescia when he has to deal with racial abuse not only from the stands, but even from his own bosses.

Which human being could be expected to perform at his best under such stress.

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Cellino has given Balotelli the green light for a free transfer during the upcoming January transfer window.

“In January, he can leave on a free. In this moment, he needs to choose which road is best for him,”

“Mario is sad because he is unable to play his game,” he went on to say during his interview.

Of course he is sad. Who would be happy to play under such conditions.

All i can say is Mario, I hope you take this opportunity to leave. There really is no need to waste your skills and talent for a club that neither appreciates you or deserves you. Leave Brescia to fight their way out relegation on their own.

The truth is not that you’re too “black” for Brescia, its that you’re too GOOD for relegation. We wish you the best whichever path you choose to follow.



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