Tahiti Wins Bid To Host 2024 Paris Olympic Surfing Competition

Tahiti has won the bid to host the Paris 2024 Olympic Surfing competition. The move is just waiting to be rubber-stamped by the Internation Olympic Committee.

Earlier this year in June, France decided to to find a  stretch of beach that would play host to the competition as opposed to using an artificial wave pool.

Tokyo 2020 will be the first time Surfing will feature as an Olympic event where it will be held on Japan’s Pacific coastline.

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The French Polynesian island already offers some of the best waves in the world and has the infrastructure in place already hosting the men’s World Surf League circuit at Teahupo’o which has some of the best and most dangerous waves in the world.

The only drawback is that the island is a whopping 15 760 Km or 23-hour flight from Paris which could cost as much as  £2 000 at peak summer prices in 2020.

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The island as a very strong surfing history with 5 surf-related deaths already being reported there over the past 20 years.


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