LA Lakers Record Chase Cut Short By 105-102 Loss To Pacers

The Pacers brought an end to the LA Lakers 14-0 games winning streak as the Lakers went on to loss 105-102 at the Staples Centre for the first time this season.

Even with Anthony Davis not playing due to a sprained ankle, the Lakers didn’t go down without a hearty fight right until the end, unfortunately, luck just wasn’t on their side.

What Went Wrong For The Lakers

At one point the Lakers found themselves with a 95- 91 lead against the Pacers but then went on to drop points as both Dwight Howard and LeBron James missed 4 consecutive free throws.

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The Lakers were also let down by their 3 point conversion rate as they only managed to successfully sink 8 of their 31 attempts from behind the arc.

They made  43-of their 91 attempted shots from the floor giving them a 47.3% success rate compared to the Pacers who converted 41of their 85 attempts giving them 48.2%.

All things considered, LeBron did have a decent game making an amazing assist to Dwight Howard behind his head near the end of the first quarter,  as Pacers Myles Turner came up to block what he assumed was an attempted shot by LeBron.

The defeat still doesn’t take away from the fact that the Lakers are now level with Milwaukee for NBA’s best record as they began the game 24-3.

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The Stats

LeBron and Howard topped the Lakers score sheet both scoring 20 points in the game with LeBron going on to have 9 rebounds and 9 assists.

Domantas Sabonis led the Pacers scoring 26 on the night with 4 assists and 10 rebounds.

LeBron ended the night acknowledging how the Lakers missed opportunities were at the centerpiece of their loss to the Pacers as he went on to say the following in his post-match interview:

“The difference between winning and losing was made shots versus missed shots,”

“Sometimes the ball happens that way.”


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