Isaiah Thomas 2 Game Suspension Over Frozen Dessert

Washington Wizards Isaiah Thomas has been issued with a 2 game suspension after getting into a verbal altercation with 76ers’ fan during Sunday’s game.

The Wells Fargo Center, where the came was being played, runs a promotion with Frosty Freeze-Out who offer fans a free frozen dessert when visiting team miss 2 consecutive free throws.

Thomas was running back from having sunk one of his two free throw shots when he heard a 76ers’ fan shout out ‘F— you, b—-,’ whilst raising both his middle fingers at him.

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Thomas proceeded to enter the stands and confront the fan and another spectator telling him:

‘Don’t be disrespectful. I’m a man before anything. Be a fan.’

The fan is supposed to have apologized to Thomas going on to say his actions were the result of him wanting the desert that was on promotion as he told Thomas the following:

“I’m sorry, I just wanted a Frosty,”.

The NBA, however, has a strict zero-tolerance for players entering the stands in order to avoid any confrontations resulting in ejections frons, potential fines, and suspensions.

Thomas was immediately ejected in the fourth quarter with 2.53 minutes remaining on the clock.

The Washington Wizards went on to lose the game to the Philadelphia 76ers 125-108.

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The two spectators involved have had their season tickets revoked and have been banned from the arena for one year.

Thomas later went on to say:

“That crossed the line. I’ve got kids. I’ve got a family. That’s not OK at all. So I just went to go tell him that,”

“I’m never going to be disrespected in any way.”

He will now miss the Wizards game against New York Knicks.


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