Chelsea Fan Arrested For Racially Motivated Actions At Tottenham Game

A Chelsea fan has been arrested for his participation in some of the racially motivated actions experienced during the Tottenham vs Chelsea game that was played on Sunday that saw the match temporarily halted to address the crowd and perpetrators.

At first, it seemed as though Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger was the only victim of the racially motivated chants that emanated from the stands after a clash between him and Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son saw the Tottenham player being sent off with a red card.

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After the incident, Antonio Rudiger was then the subject of racial abuse as some Tottenham fans went on shouting out monkey chants towards him.

After the incident, Tottenham pledged to do its best to find the culprits behind the racial abuse and whilst their inquiry has so far come back “inconclusive” they were able to come across some racially motivated abuse from a Chelsea fan towards Heung-Min Son.

The Chelsea fan has since been arrested for his actions that day.

Tottenham continuing with their investigation into Rudiger’s case, having even hired lip-readers to help assist.

The Spurs side wen ton to issue the following statement:

“We have engaged lip readers to study the footage and contacted Chelsea for further information from their players,”

“The police will be reviewing our evidence alongside us.”

“Please be assured we shall be exhaustively investigating this matter.”.

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Chelsea, in turn, came out with the following statement once made aware that one of their supporters had been identified as racially abusing Spurs Heung-Min Son:

“We are aware of an alleged racist incident involving a Chelsea supporter at yesterday’s match.”

“Chelsea Football Club will not tolerate any form of racism, nor is there a place at this club for anyone who is found to have engaged in such behaviour.”

“If a season ticket holder or member is involved, we will take the strongest possible action against them including bans.”

“We will also support any potential criminal proceedings by the relevant authorities.”

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) has called on the government to launch an official inquiry into the rampant spreading issue of racism in English football.



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