Ole Hints At Pogba Making Boxing Day Lineup against Newcastle

Manchester United Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has hinted on using Paul Pogba in his starting lineup in the sides Boxing Day game against Newcastle United.

Pogba who has been recovering from an ankle injury since his game against Arsenal on 30 September, made his first appearance for the side during their Sunday game against Watford which they lost 0-2.

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Pogba’s appearance in the second half of the game made a drastic improvement to Manchester United’s lackluster performance but was, unfortunately, a little too late as the damage had already been done.

Ole commended the effect  Pogba had on the team when he cam eon and went on to comment:

“He did really well when he came on. It’s a big, big plus and it might be that we do get him in from the start [against Newcastle] because you just want to get more and more [quality] into the team when he plays.”

Ole is hoping that the addition of Pogba to his existing combination of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford to be the secret ingredient into turning around Manchester United waining fortunes as they have gotten off to a poor start this half of the season.

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He went on to add:

“He can play anywhere. He can play as a holding midfielder, he’s a box-to-box midfielder. He can drop deep, get it, play those long passes, he can play higher up and combine like he did [at Watford]. He and Anthony [Martial] and Marcus [Rashford] started creating chances down that side so it depends on the game.”

“That’s the beauty of having Paul because he is the best all-round midfielder in the world. He can perform all roles, but if I play him low, [some people will say] he should have played high and, if I play him high, I should have played low. There’s always going to be that discussion with him. But it’s great to have him back.”


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