Miami Heat Pull Off Last Minute Basket To Win 113-112 to Indiana Pacers

Miami Heat were able to win their match up with Indiana Pacers 113-112 thanks to Goran Dragic who sunk the winning basket with 6.8 seconds left on the clock.

The game was heated right from the start with both teams giving it all they had right until the final buzzer as the teams exchanged the lead 20 times.

Aaron Holiday narrowly missed a chance to scrap one in for the Pacers on the buzzer but his shot refused to drop.

Jimmy Butler lead the Heat on the score sheet posting 20 points, 9  rebounds and 6 assists.

“That’s who we are, man,”  Butler said commenting on his teams’ narrow win going on to add..:

“Never give up on any play.”

Bam Adebayo also had a good game with 18 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists.

Indiana put up a superb fight seeing as the team is injury ridden.

Aaron Holiday led his team with 17 points, 3 rebounds and 9 assists. T.J Butler and Jeremy Lamb both managed to post 16 points for the Pacers.

Miami Heat are 3rd in the Eastern Conference posting a league-best home record of 14-1. The Pacers are 6th in the Eastern Conference with an away record of 7-8.


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