UEFA To Meet Next Week To Discuss Suspending Champions League

UEFA are to meet next week to discuss suspending all domestic and European football competitions which include Champions League, Europa League and EURO 2020

UEFA are to meet next week to discuss suspending all domestic and European football competitions which include Champions League, Europa League and EURO 2020

With Real Madrid announcing the quarantine of its players after possible exposure at their training facility which they share with the first team basketball who had a teammate test positive for the Coronavirus, La Liga has already suspended the next two rounds of games.

Affected Games

March 13-16

  • Real Madrid vs Eibar
  • Leganes vs Valladolid
  • Valencia vs Levante
  • Mallorca vs Barcelona
  • Celta Vigo vs Villarreal
  • Espanyol vs Alaves
  • Real Sociedad vs Osasuna
  • Athletic Bilbao vs Atletico Madrid
  • Granada vs Getafe
  • Sevilla vs Real Betis

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March 20-22

  • Osasuna vs Atletico Madrid
  • Valladolid vs Celta Vigo
  • Real Madrid vs Valencia
  • Alaves vs Real Sociedad
  • Eibar vs Athletic Bilbao
  • Villarreal vs Mallorca
  • Real Betis vs Granada
  • Getafe vs Espanyol
  • Levante vs Sevilla
  • Barcelona vs Leganes

The Premier League is under immense pressure to become proactive as other football associations have done by either playing games behind closed doors or following the other competitions by suspending all play altogether.

With members from Arsenal having been quarantined leading to the postponement of their Premier League match with Manchester City this week, along with the recent report by Jason Burt from the Telegraph, stating that players from an unnamed Premier League club are currently undergoing tests, the FA and Premier League will have to consider their next steps very carefully.

Should UEFA suspend domestic and European football matches as is expected next week, then the Premier League will be the only major European competition still in play.

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Coronavirus Fears In Liverpool After Champions League Match Against Atletico

Fears in the UK are already rife after the Champions League match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid that saw over 3,000  supporters from Madrid wandering through the streets of  Liverpool after the game.

Former director of public health, professor John Ashton who is also a  Liverpool supporter is estimating that the events of last night may have considerable consequences on the British public  as he went on to say:

“I’m tearing my hair out with this,”

“I didn’t go to the game tonight, I got so confused about what’s going on.”

“We’ve got Madrid, where they are playing games behind closed doors, and you’ve got 3,000 supporters in town staying over in Liverpool and drinking in the bars.”

“A proportion of those will be coronavirus positive, and we will now have people being infected in Liverpool tonight because of that – the government needs to get a grip and stop treating the public like children.”

With UEFA suspending Champions League along with all domestic and European football such as Europa League and EURO 2020, it seems highly inevitable that both the FA and Premier League will need to follow suit for the sake of public health and interest.

One way or another, the 2019-20 footballing calendar across Europe is never going to recover as it becomes just another victim in the path the Coronavirus.


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