England and Scottish Players Donate To Support NHS

The UK is now the worst-hit European country with a reported death toll of 32,313 due to COVID-19. The UK has surpassed Italy with the number of deaths due to the pandemic.

These stats reported as of Tuesday, May 5, are perhaps a subtle reminder to the powers that be. It is unsafe for the UK to attempt to reopen or ease their lockdown regulations to allow the Premier League to continue. However, the England men’s football team is doing their part to support the UK during this crisis.

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The rise in the COVID-19 death toll has prompted further support from the UK’s sporting associations. The England men’s football team is the latest to offer financial support to the National Health Service (NHS).

The team has sent a “significant donation” to the NHS in a statement released by the Football Association (FA) on their website. The contribution comes from a fund set up by the association in 2018. The fund contains their match fees from their previous international matches.

“We stand united as England players behind the nation during this crisis and our collective prayers and thoughts remain with all those affected.”

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The Scottish FA released a statement stating that both their men’s and women’s teams had made a sizeable donation to the initiative.

“The donation is made up of personal contributions and commercial appearance fees that were due to respective squads, but all players were unanimous in ensuring the money should instead be focused on supporting the efforts of NHS staff.”

The players have shown their support for their frontline and essential workers by donating the money to the #PlayersTogether initiative. The initiative was set up to support the NHS during this pandemic. Showing their support, England’s women’s team also made a significant donation to the fund last month.


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